KMC/Ramstein Babywearing Swap

A place to Buy/Sell/Trade babywearing items locally :)

Please place the items that you have for sale, in the proper album. This CAN be done from mobile.

Please make yourself a feedback link. There are several members that are at other bases, and this will give buyer peace of mind with MPSing items instead of having to meet. Please add a picture and tag yourself as the caption. If you have purchased from someone in the past and come across their feedback link, please leave feedback. You may also like feedback for other sites (Big Swap and such).

All items will be deleted on the first of the month. If you do not want your item deleted, please comment on it within 3 days before end of the month that it is still available, and we will keep it up :)

Blocking of admins will result in removal from the group. When you do this, we can not assist in solving issues related to buying and selling.

Please like this post so we know you have read it!!