Bristol City Supporters Football Club

Bristol City Supporters Club was formed in 1987 from a number of members of the official Bristol City Supporters Club. The club initially played as a 5 a side team within a league at Whitchurch sports centre. The club also played full 11 a side friendly matches against other supporter clubs.

During the summer of 1987, the club entered a senior 11 a side team into the Bath and District Football League, in which the club has played ever since. The decision was made to play Sunday morning so that the club's players could still watch Bristol City play on Saturday's. A member of the Bristol City Supporters Club who ran the Torbay Inn in Paignton agreed to sponsor the club in it's first season. The club was then sponsored by a company called A.D.M for the three season between 1988-1991.

In April 1991, during a friendly against Oldham Athletic Supporters Club after a Bristol City match with Oldham Athletic, the then Bristol City chairman came out of the directors lounge to watch the match. After watching the match, recognizing that our football club was helping to promote and raise the profile of Bristol City FC, the chairman suggested that we arrange a meeting with Bristol City FC to discuss the possibility of providing us with football kit to play in.

From that point on until players names started to appear on their shirts, Bristol City continued to kindly supply out football club with many original Bristol City kits to play in. Today we play in the 2005-2006 kit which the club funded.

During the summer of 2005, Bristol City Supporters Club, who have only really ever comprised of one 11 a side team, decided to enter a second (reserve) team into the Bath and District Football League, whereboth teams continue today.