Belize Association of California

The Belize Association of California was created to provide good information, great insight into our way of living, share pictures to showcase our Belizean lifestyle to Belizeans and other persons interested in Belize. You can also check

We hope to play an active role in keeping Belizeans informed and up to date on the crucial issues affecting Belizeans wherever they may be.

Our wish is that we join together in a friendly atmosphere to create a supportive network to expose our Belizean businesses and Belizean talent wherever in the world we may be.

We see this also as an opportunity to provide meaningful moral support for our members in the event of a tragedy and raise funds for needy and charitable causes for Belizeans.

During the year, we intend to bring our members updated on social events in order to celebrate our heritage, our holidays and our history, Belizean style.

Feel free to post videos or pictures depicting our way of life so we can stay in touch with our roots.

Here is an opportunity to invite all your Belizean friends or those interested in Belize to join us.

Weh yu di wait fah, tell yu friends fu be wah paat ah dis group. Add yu lee two cents pan the wall, pictures, videos and mek wi get dis ting going. Mek we have fun with this !!!!!!!!!