This group, #LBBill was set up as a meeting space to discuss plans to turn the idea of a Bill that has a statutory assumption that a person lives in their own home (of their choice) into a reality. The idea for a Bill came from the remarkable success and energy of the #justiceforlb campaign. The Bill aims to shift the power into the hands of the disabled person and their families, so in the future, if the State decides the person cannot live in their own home, they must seek court permission to carry out their plan and explain why they think it best to contravene Article 8 ECHR. We hope, this law will also help all those people currently trapped in institutions as a means of being released from their detention, into a home of their own. This group is an open group and as such can be viewed by anyone. People can chose how much of their personal stories to share within the group but please remember the aim of the group always comes first.