Arondizuogu Patriotic Union (APU)


APU Group on FB is the Online meeting point for Arondizuogu sons and daughters and their families worldwide.


Only a person that can ordinarily be referred to as "Onye Ndizuogu" can be added to this group. (NOTE: Any adamazi no matter where she is married to is free to join the group).


- No abusive language

- No racist or tribal comments

- Post only relevant news or vital info .

- Keep it as clean as possible - we all have the right to express an opinion without disrespecting other members.

- No incitement or disruptive Village vs Village rivalry .

- No graphic images (pictures or videos) depicting violence or sex

- Needless, useless and pointless posts & comments will be deleted

- Any Comment or Post containing vulgar words will be immediately deleted.

- Any suspicious sounding name or conduct will result in deletion of the member concerned

Any thread that generates conflict or gives room for disharmony will be removed

Any member that is requested by an Admin to identify himself/herself but fails to do so within reasonable time will be removed from the group

When an Admn posts CASE CLOSED on any thread, discussion ends automatically on that thread. No further post whatsoever can be made on that thread.

All notices (obituary, wedding, birthday, etc) MUST contain relevant photograph and detailed information about the subject matter or it may not be approved.

Re-posting of over-flogged jokes, pictures and videos are not allowed.

Posting of vulgar, disgusting, annoying or obscene pictures on threads will attract SERIOUS sanctions.

Use of the terms "Ndi Ohia", "Nde isu" or other derogatory or provocative terms against our people or our neighbours are not allowed in this forum.

Membership of this forum cuts across age groups and civility and decorum must be exercised by members at all times.



NOTE: Any member that does not follow above rules or that exhibits unbecoming conduct shall be SUSPENDED or REMOVED from the group.


You can report violation/s of any of the above Rules to any of the Administrators below:

1. Uche Ohia
2. Tony Apitiuzo
3. Kingsley Ohia
4. Fred Azuanuuka Maduka
5. Chijioke Anyakoha
6. Jude Obioha
7. Oby Nwokeji-Ikoro