Hong Kong Was, Is, And Forever Will Be My Home!


** NOTE **

This is an exclusive group is for those who have a direct affiliation with Hong Kong, specifically those who have lived in Hong Kong previously, and those who are living there currently. All individuals requesting to join will be required to have on their profile information to support that.

If there is nothing indicating a connection to Hong Kong visible to the public on your Facebook profile (a direct connection does NOT comprise of Facebook groups, "Liked" pages, or Facebook wall posts), Admin will send a message to those who request to join this group inquiring to their connection to Hong Kong.

Some messages may be directed to your "Other" folder, please make sure you check that folder especially if you have requested to join the group and have not yet been admitted.

This group is NOT one to make "business connections" ahead of your traveling to Hong Kong for business. Nor is it a group to advertise your wares. If that is your sole purpose to joining, please move on to other groups geared specifically for those purposes.

I created this group for those who have lived in Hong Kong and have left (even if you returned) and those who are currently living in Hong Kong. Those of us who have had the unique opportunity to live there know that Hong Kong is like a drug that gets in under your skin... forever gnawing at you until you return and satisfy your "itch".

For those of us who lived and loved in HK... it will forever be our home, this group is for the memories, for the stories, sharing the laughter, the tears, and everything else.


This group has a ZERO tolerance for Spam. If you are admitted to the group and you spam, your post will be deleted and you will be permanently banned from the group AND reported to Facebook for spam!