Salam... Greetings to all invited members and very welcome to participate actively in this new group formed to those who admire the highest yet finest quality and the beauty of classic true vintage Adidas. All members are welcome to show off or trade their true vintage Adidas sneakers, jerseys, jackets, pants and all other items that resembles the value of Adidas true vintage trefoil emblem.

Members are welcome to post comment and to debate at every post as long as no swear words are used..

Basically true vintage Adidas can be described as early models or the predecessors of almost all modern styles of Adidas product which were manufactured about 35 or 40 years ago back in the 1970s and early 1980s. These early batch of predecessors is called true vintage OG and normally were made in the European Countries such as West Germany, Yugoslavia, France, Austria, Romania and many more. Some were also made in the American Continent like the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and so on. None were made in the Asian countries that time.

Hmm I dont have much time to write more but hope that all members will enjoy every moment and welcome to invite friends to join.

Adidas True Vintage...Once A Legend Forever A Legend... Tq danke arigato cheers.