For The Love Of...

this group is focused on the love and passion we share for all t...hings music. you will find indie, post-rock, punk, post-punk, dreampop, shoegaze, new wave,emo, screamo, etc. the genres are pretty open. feel free to share, post and comment. invite your friends if you wish as im making this a public group. thanks and have fun. Chris

If you have any questions, comments, requests, concerns or whateves feel free to ask any one of our admins Laurie Ruroden, Fabrizio Lusso, Samuel Taylor, Romeo Mic or myself.

Side note: We / I support independent artists wholeheartedly here. If you're in a band please feel free to share or promote your band here. I encourage it. Thanks and all the best in your musical endeavors.

We're happy you're here celebrating the music we all love. Peace. Love.