Flinders University SIFE

SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) is a global organisation aiming to increase community engagement and social and economic entrepeneurship by proving opportunities for university students around the world to undertake original projects that foster leadership, teamwork and ethical conduct.

At Flinders University, we go one step further by engaging with both coporate and non-corporate organisations. Our unique projects are integrated into Flinders University values of environmental responsibility, initiative and best practice, and social sustainability.

Flinders SIFE is an exciting and dynamic organisation, with highly successful, winning projects, and is managed, run and executed entirely by students of Flinders.

All students' fresh ideas and enthusiam are welcome.

Current Executive:

- Mr Sam Taylor (President, SEEDS Project Manager)
- Ms Vivien Wei (Secretary)
- Ms Melissa Chin (Treasurer)
- Ms Heather Browett (Growing Green Project Manager, Education Enterprise Project Manager)
- Ms Lenka Malek (Let's Can Hunger Project Manager)

Committee Members:

Mr Ningsen Zhao
Mr Eddy Kwok
Mr Heath McCallum
Mr Daniel Bills

Business Advisory Board:

- Dr Talitha Best (Flinders SIFE Alumnus)
- Ms Lee Grigg (Teacher, Portside Christian School)
- Mr Tim Taylor (Education Manager, St Vincent de Paul SA Inc.)
- Ms Darlene Voss (Education Partnerships Manager, Southern Knowledge Transfer Pathway project)
- Ms Diané Ranck (Director of Marketing and Communications, Flinders University)
- Mr Peter Torjul (Head of Admissions, Examinations and Graduations, Flinders University)
- Ms Julie Pettett (CEO, Conservation Council of SA)
- Mr Tim Wundke (Web Designer)
- Mark Boulet (Monash Sustainability Institute)
- David Muscio (Regional Partnerships Coordinator, Flinders University)

Faculty Advisor / Team Mentor:

Ms Verity Kingsmill

SIFE Alumni and Associate Members:

Ms Emily Crawford
Ms Jessica Feher
Dr Talitha Best
Ms Nikki Condron
Ms Shareena White
Ms Ruth Eckert
Ms Jessica Greatwich
Ms Alice Leahy
Ms Kate Raimet
Mr Simon Callaghan
Mr Gary Gower