Ribb~Tipps, is a group for Married women, to connect, bond,and g...lean. From other married women through sound biblical advice, shared journeys, and good old life experience. As a wife
Of 23 years. and mother to 6adult children. the insight I've gained throughout my journey IS powerful, not only for me, but for others as well.
Please feel free to ask questions, share photos of your families, invite others to join, I only ask that you respect the integrity of the group, by reframing from profanity , rude commentS,AND OR jokes, or memes. I would like to create a safe place for wives. within the group. We support traditional marriage. as well as traditional marriage values. You do not have to be christian, or religiouS, but please respect those that are. Again this group is for married women, to discuss what goes on within a marriage. no topic is off limitS. if it effects marriage, in its traditional since. I am a certified marriage COACH.
if you have emergency situations, please inbox myself for info, and or resources. WE also have admin within the group,to help as well. Thank you… I love you all with the love of the lord. Now let the games begin.