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SOUNDLESSONS™ is a Multi-Media Event & Lifestyle Marketing Group. We Produce, Promote & Dj Various Events in Southern California, NYC, Hawaii, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix, Austin, San Francisco Vancouver, Toronto & Overseas in London, Tokyo, Dubai, Paris, Dublin, Spain, Italy & More

«= LISTEN » COMMUNICATE » TEACH =» -The Quick Rundown- The Soundlessons project takes place @ various venues through out the Los Angeles Area.
Currently it's ONCE A Month @ El Cid in Silverlake, CA. (every 4th friday) It has now been going on for over 11 years and growing bigger and bigger every month. it started w/ Residents: Dj J-Logic, Dj Jun, Dj Dusk (r.i.p.), Mr. Alfred Hawkins & Kutmah Fresh (now living in London), Garth Trinidad & hosted by Aloe Blacc & Trek-Life + Erik Rico These Dj’s & mc's blend every type of music Hip-Hop, House, Reggae, Drum n Bass, 80’s/Newwave, Broken Beat, Old School R&B, Soul/Rare Grooves, Neo Soul, Funk, Down Tempo/ Trip Hop, Dubstep, Electro & what ever else they can think of. Their mission, basically to teach the people that all music should be appreciated and loved. They also combine their love of music with their love of art & have live painters + photo booths & live silk screening by The Hit+Run Crew for the people of LA. They open their doors @ 9:30 pm & rock ‘til 2-3am being one of the few places to take the peeps of LA on a journey into the early morning. It’s a true experience that can’t and shouldn't be missed.

*The Origin- The Soundlessons Project was conceived in the fall of 1999. The three people responsible for getting it off the ground are Dj J-Logic, Zeke Trejo & Rick Renier. We decided to venture father than others have in the past and incorporate the ever so changing new sounds of music & new styles of art, in an effort to bring the people of LA together and communicate amongst them selves. We then met up with Min who operated the Central City Café in downtown LA, the location looked like it might have potential, but J-Logic was a bit hesitant about doing a new club in downtown LA. Since he was already part of the Firecracker crew which takes place in Chinatown and it had been going on for a couple of years he figured LA was not going to come downtown to support another event. “It’s hard to get the people of Los Angeles to leave their homes and drive a great distance” With that in mind the guys then went forth on their crusade to change the landscape of LA they really wanted to add something different to the LA nightlife. “There is so much out there that LA has not been exposed to it’s up to us to do it”. The three of them planned their strategy on how to attack the intellect of the Los Angelinos, Zeke came up with the idea to come up with a clear plastic flyer with a secret message in it which was apparent when held up to the light (the first of it’s kind in LA). We then needed a good Dj line-up to keep the people dancing all night, J-Logic then put in a call to Alfred Hawkins who was a resident with him @ Firecracker and asked him to be a part of history. Alfred was more than down to come spread his knowledge of music to the crowd. We then put a call into Dj Jun of Umoja Hi-Fi & a resident of Bossanova was pumped to join in the fun. The last Dj to round up the set was Eric Coleman also a member of the Firecracker collective was more than willing to drop a set for us to remember. Rick was in charge of production (getting the sound together and securing the venue), Zeke took care of the flyers and all of the art installations, J-Logic was in charge of promotions & booking of the dj’s. The 1st night was to take place January 27th. The party went down as a huge success, everyone played well & the people had a great time, Soundlessons was now official. We kept it going every 2 weeks (twice a month).The residents were J-Logic, Alfred Hawkins, Eric Coleman & Praise One all current members of the Firecracker collective plus they would have special guests. Things were going good then we hit a wall, we started getting lazy and had to many things going on during the day to handle, we weren’t functioning as a unit anymore the numbers of people attending the event were lacking and it was close to shutting down. Then to make things worse within a month, 2 of the founding members decided to take off. Due to personal reasons Rick had to leave the project to take care of a few things, and then a month later Zeke had to leave for art school. This left J-Logic all alone to handle all the responsibilities alone and having to run a club all by himself. The owners of the venue decided to give him a chance to try and prove that he could do it, and he succeeded for a while before it became way too much for him to handle. Min (the owner of Central City Café) suggested that he do the party once a month, which might relieve him of some of the pressure of having to do it all by himself twice a month. He was hesitant and was unsure if it would work so he took a month off and shut down the project to collect his thoughts. The month before he had met Garth Trinidad (the host of Chocolate City on KCRW 89.9) and spoke to him about coming down to play a set, and then it dawned on him (J-Logic) to create something new and different he wanted to retool the entire project. He spoke with his boy Dj Dusk of the Root Down & then called Jun and then got a hold of Kutma Fresh. He told them his new idea to bring together all of the top Dj’s in LA together under on roof once a month and totally flip the script on what music is and should be about in Los Angeles. Everyone was down and excited to take it to the next level, so J-Logic got the new concept designs and flyers ready, with new sponsors and a new goal to aim for, they reopened the spot doing it once a month turning it into an actual event. With Special guests stopping by and joint parties with the night took off and reached new heights. Then Jan. 27th they had the world premier of B+’s short film “Keepin Time” and had one of the most memorable performances ever with drummers James Gadsen, & Paul Humphrey playing with Cut Chemist, Dj’s Babu & J-Rocc of the Beat Junkies along with Money Mark & members of Ozomatli. Raka of Dialated Peoples was the guest MC and it was the beginning of the next level of Soundlessons. The following month they celebrated the One Year Anniversary of the night, with special guest dj from Philly Rich Medina but that night a serious storm took place and the people STILL came out in full force and we ROCKED IT!!! thanks RICH! We would like to give a shout out to all our past guests: Dj Vice, Josh One, Dj Nobody, Eric Coleman, Carlos Nino, Rhettmatic, Babu & J-Rocc of the Beat Junkies, Rich Medina, Vikter Duplaix, Valida, Strife, Wyatt Case, Miles Tackett, Mark & Derek of & the whole dublab family, Poet Name Life, The Black Eye Peas, Burning Star, Dj Romes (Loot Pack), Praise One, Chris Boogie, Mad Lib, B+, Money Mark, Ozomatli, GreyBoy, Liza Richardson, Amad Jamal, Diffa Alou, Daniel Castillo. On the visual tip: Tony Carlson, Andrew Gura, Zeke Trejo, Spazz, Eric Andam (Emortal), & our web site designer Dean Saguros ( Always working the door Sarah Ali, & big shout to Michelle for helping out at the 2 year party & big ups to Art for always helping out. And our sound guy Big Zeke for always bring the boxes out so we can do our thing at night, thanx a lot brotha much love to ya. Big Shout to Min and the rest of the Cental City family for having us and believing in what we were aiming for. Oh and I can’t forget about our residents. Garth Trinidad, Jun, Dusk, Alfred Hawkins, Kutma & J-Logic for bringing us the rhythms that keep the mind body and soul moving. WHAT’S NEXT? What’s next people ask, well take a look around the website and find out, we have major plans for the future maybe a record label or a radio station who knows, the sky is the limit we don’t wanna give away too much we don’t want any biters out there stealing our ideas. But be on the look out for future Soundlessons product and other ventures we plan on taking. Music is our love and it won’t be denied and we are hear to bring the people from all over together to prove that good music & art will be here forever ‘til the end of time. Thanks to the people of LA and around the world for your continued support. SOUNDLESSONS™ «= LISTEN » COMMUNICATE » TEACH =»