Type 1 Diabetes New Zealand

A group for New Zealanders with Type 1 (insulin dependent) Diabetes and those who love/support them!

Others from overseas are welcome of course, however this group is designed for the NZ style care of diabetes :)

Harassment/Bullying etc.
We are here to support, encourage and offer advice. Healthy debate is welcome, but there is zero tolerance towards harassment, bullying and aggressive/hurtful behaviour/comments towards any members. Anyone found to be abusing the privilege of posting on here WILL be removed and blocked. There is a zero tolerance of such behaviour.

Please no advertising of products that will "cure" diabetes, or any other health condition for that matter. No advertising of fad products or diets. Any posters of this sort of thing will also be removed, deleted and blocked. If you are wanting to sell a product on the page you MUST contact admin first, BEFORE posting, to get approval.

Please do enjoy our page for it's intended purpose, ask those curly Q's, seek advice (which in no way replaces advice from GP, endo, Dr or Diabetes Specialist), make friends and know that you are surrounded by others "who get it" and understand the trials and tribulations of dealing with Type 1 Diabetes. Once you are a member, please do read these conditions, and re-read them from time to time to remind yourself of our group protocol. If you don't agree with the above feel free to remove yourself from the group. Any members who block admin will be removed immediately.

If you have any issues or concerns please contact Admin directly via private message.

Thanks and have a nice day.