Bill Mo Hall IMS

William Morris Hall (Bill Mo) - Undoubtedly, unequivocally, unmistakably, unambiguously, unquestionably, Champion Hall of Loughborough University. The residents of this Hall are known winners: the best looking; the best at drinking; the best with banter; and the best at losing Alison.
IMS is the Interhall sport played between the 15 halls in Loughborough across 27 different sports. These range from Football and Netball to more obscure events such as archery and fencing. Whether a skilled swimmer or a vibrant volleyballer, IMS has something for everybody. IMS allows everybody in hall to sample to best that Loughborough Sport has to offer, as well as creating one of the most exciting atmospheres, where Bill Mo’s hall spirit shines through.
Why do we do it?! Why not! Loughborough plays hosts to some the country’s finest sportsmen and women and this is your chance to enjoy the Loughborough experience in Bill Mo colours. Wearing your Bill Mo IMS shirt brings with it the excitement of IMS and all the fun of playing sport with your mates. IMS unites the hall. Fact!
Bill Mo competes in all sports, with the ultimate aim to claim the coveted IMS trophy.
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