General Knowledge And IQ

"Welcome to all new and old members"

The main purpose of the group is to provide educational and learning based environment and to restrict yours from wasting their time in useless fb groups.

There are few simple rules that everyone must follow if they want to be a part of this group

1)Respect is an important factor specially for girls as they contribute
a lot to our group,Any disrespect shown to them will cause you to be removed without warning.

2)Slag and abusive will not be tolerated at all.

3)No Discrimation

4)You can share your feelings,you can post your creations,your knowledge...etc..But take special care when you upload any picture.

5)Share your precious knowledge with us.

6)Avoid personal chats

7) At least ask 1 question per day and after five to six hours must give the right answer

8)If you see any vulgar or irrelevant post then must mention #Admins. They will take action as soon as possible.

9)It is request from all New and Old members add your friends so that we may get knowledge more and more.

These are simple rules we expect you to all

Thanks :-) :-) :-)