Harmony Group Autism Parent Support in Burton, Swadlincote & Tamworth, UK.

If you would like to join, message an admin. Please note that before the admins will add you to the group, we will first contact you to come along to one of our meetings, or meet up with one of our admin. Please will you check your other message box. We do this to safeguard the privacy of our members.

This is a closed group for subscribed members of Harmony Group. A group for parent /carers of children on the autistic spectrum (or awaiting assessment) who live or have an interest in the whole of East Staffordshire, the surrounding areas of Derbyshire, and Tamworth, UK.

It contains details of our local meetings. If you would like to join this fb group, please contact one of the admins who will give you details of the next meeting in your area, or check out our website at www.harmonygroup.co.uk, or see the events on our facebook page Harmony Group.

Purpose of the group:

This group is where parents and carers can meet to socialise and offload.

For Harmony Group committee and members to post and share with others any news articles and information on and other stories of interest about autism. This group is also a place for members to chat, share and support each other.

You can contact any member of the committee - Stacie Grief, Tracy Holmes, Ange Humphries, Lisa Perry (Treasurer), Jenny Thomas, Michelle Ulyatt (Secretary) or Catherine Webber (Chair).

Harmony Group is all about inclusion for those with and without additional needs. We are all here to support one another and not to belittle, judge or criticise those who are not in a position to defend themselves.

Please remember that should anyone have a complaint, then the group has a complaints policy that should be adhered to, and discussions in a public forum can only serve to isolate individuals and bring the group into disrepute.


This group is provided by Harmony Group for it's members to post on.

Opinions expressed in this group are solely those of the author of the post and are not those of Harmony Group.

Harmony Group does not accept responsibility for any material posted on this group and reserves the right to delete posts at its discretion.

Harmony Group recommends that medical advice be sought with regards to specific problems.

In order that the admin team are able to moderate posts, members will not be allowed to block any of the admin team. Members blocking any of the admin team will be removed.

Try to avoid swearing, using other bad or profane language(s) or profile pictures which may be found offensive.