Faroe Islands

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The Faroe Islands are an island group consisting of eighteen islands off the coast of Northern Europe, between the Norwegian Sea and the north Atlantic Ocean, about halfway between Iceland and Norway; the closest neighbours being the Northern and Western Isles of Scotland. Its coordinates are [show location on an interactive map] 62°00′N 06°47′W / 62, -6.783.

Its area is 1,399 square kilometres (540 sq. mi), and has no major lakes or rivers. There are 1,117 kilometres (694 mi) of coastline, and no land boundaries with any other country. The only island that is uninhabited is Lítla Dímun.
The southernmost island of Suðuroy.

The islands are rugged and rocky with some low peaks; the coasts are mostly bordered by cliffs. The highest point is Slættaratindur, 882 metres (2,894 ft) above sea level. There are areas below sea level.

The Faroe Islands are dominated by tholeiitic basalt lava which was part of the great Thulean Plateau during the Paleogene period.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faroe_islands

If you are thinking of visiting the Faroe Islands I really recommend you check out these two sites first:
www.thefaroeislands.info (Links to travel agencies, hotels, camping sites and ect.).

www.wikitravel.org/en/Faroe_Islands (Lots of handy/relevant information regarding traveling to the Faroe Islands).

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