America's Political Revolutionaries

Instead of dividing ourselves over race, religion, gender, sexua...l orientation, we, the 99%, should be uniting against the 1%'s ownership of our government. The 1% through its owned duopoly has conquered us by dividing us over race, religion, gender, sexual orientation. They have been diverting our attention from the real inequity and injustice in America: the grabbing of virtually all of its income and wealth, leaving us virtually nothing, driving us into poverty. Their hired public relations people--the lying and crooked politicians through the assistance of their corporate owned media and political pundits--frame elections along nonfinancial wedge issues, instead of targeting the real inequity and injustice: that the few are stealing from all of us, taking it all, leaving us nothing. Unless we frame our revolution along bread-and-butter issues instead of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, we are doomed. United we stand; divided we fall.