anime and manga paradise

Just like any other anime group were here to have fun and talk a...bout cool stuff. Anything goes. No hentai meaning no genitalia or insertion. Anything else is up to the admins desecration. THIS IS A MATURE GROUP!


1) respect your admin. (we're here to help!)

2) NO HENTAI (ecchi is fine, mean boobs no nipple. Booty is fine just nothing inbetween legs)

3) NO ADVERTISING WITHOUT APPROVAL FROM AN ADMIN. ( breaking this rule will result in an automatic ban )

4) respect all races and languages

5) no racist post or comments

6) three strikes you're out

7) no spamming

8) no FULL OUT nudity. butts and boobs are okay

9) no selfies. (Cosplay and asking for cosplay references are allowed.)

10) Posts must be topic related. (Anime related, Video Game related, Comic related.)

11.) Because this is a mature group and ecchi content is permitted, you MUST be at least 14 years of age to join. All members under the lowest age limit permitted will be deleted/not accepted to the group.