Australian Babywearers Circle

Group Ethos

The Australian Babywearers Circle group (ABWC) is a place for long(er) term members of the Baby Wearing Buy Sell Swap Group (BWBSS) to get to know each other better, and build on the friendships formed on the main group in a safe and friendly village-like environment. We are inclusive and supportive of all parenting styles: the only requirement is that you think Babywearing is great! Pram lovers are welcome. Small-stash lovers are welcome. If you wrap with a cot sheet you found in an op-shop, you're welcome. Two-parent families, one-parent families, GBLTQ families, religious families, atheist families, families formed through foster care or adoption, families on an infertility journey, families who have suffered loss, families with loads of cash to spend on carriers and those who have one carrier they love: all are welcome. Please bear this in mind when posting and remember that we are all on a different journey. One Babywearer's parenting nightmare is another's bliss. Remember to be gentle and that all types are reading.

Membership Requirements

ABWC membership requests will not be approved before members have accrued one months' participation and a minimum of 20 comments/posts on the main BWBSS Group. Any member of the BWBSS who has come to the attention of the BWBSS Admin, whether for investigation of trades or moderation of participation, may be prevented from accessing the ABWC group. This will be assessed on a case by case basis. A ban or period of moderation incurred on the main BWBSS will automatically carry over to the ABWC Group, and vice versa.

For the full group guidelines see here: