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Dear all followers ACFC - Aceh Central Forex Club,,
I think it i...s true, that no one is always right in making predictions, and errors are frequent traders are emotional factors. I tried to manage the emotions as much as possible. in my analysis combines several techniques to look for trends, after finding the trend of a few options and then selecting one of the best, when to enter the market to bring a conviction, despite market ups and downs I remain calm. This is my proprietary system that continuously looks for opportunities with multiple currency pairs and quickly detects the strength/weakness of currencies. The system mostly exploits the exhaustion of trend in higher time-frames, taking advantage of sudden and strong indication of reversals. In general this system has proven to make quick profits, but some times it takes time to accumulate profits due to the nature of the Forex market. So please be patient when following my system, and try it for at least a month to see reasonable profits. To maximize profits, i set SL 50 Pip and TP 50 Pip levels, but it is up to you. Please also make sure you allow all my trades to open. Regarding lot allocation, It is a fully manual system based on indicators incimoku and trenline. 1)CONSERVATIVE settings: 0.01 micro lot ($0.1/pip) for $500 account. 0.02 micro lot ($0.2/pip) for $1.000 account. For $10,000 account, use 0.1 lot ($1/pip). For $100,000 account, use 1 lot ($10/pip) 2) AGGRESSIVE settings: 0.05 micro lot ($0.5/pip) for $1000 account. For $10,000 account, use 0.3 lot ($3/pip). For $100,000 account, use 2 lot ($20/pip) 3) DO NOT use our trading system if your account is less than $500.
Kami tekankan sekali lagi bahwa ; kami tidak bertanggungjawab atas segala kerugian atau kehilangan yang mungkin bisa terjadi dengan dana pada akun forex anda, karena anda mengikuti sinyal dalam group ini... semua resiko adalah tanggung jawab anda sendiri.
good luck for all.... Amiiiinn