American Chemical Society @ UCF

The University of Central Florida's student chapter of the American Chemical Society is the largest student chapter in the state of Florida. By no means the largest student chapter, we focus upon four main principles that form the foundation for our organization: scholarship, outreach, networking, and leadership.

So how do you know if you're a right 'fit' for ACS? If you answer yes to any of the following, we are worth checking out!

[] Do you like chemistry?

[] Are you failing chemistry?

[] Are you in a major that uses a lot of chemistry?

[] Do you enjoy volunteering?

[] Do you like clubs that treat each other like family?

[] Do you like to work with kids?

[] Are you interested in other sciences?

[] Do you not know what your degree is useful for once you graduate?

[] Do you need more opportunities to grow at UCF?

We are able to provide all of these for YOU! ACS has six officer positions, and each one has been specifically crafted to meet the needs of our members. They are the glue that help to hold this club together, and through their efforts, ACS makes it possible to provide the experiences we do for our members. If you're curious about the things we have going on, feel free to email us! Use your knightsmail address to write something to

Our Current Officers:
President: Krystal LaBelle
Vice-President: Morgan Beebe
Secretary: Elkin Howard
Treasurer: Jenna White
Events: Shelby Anderson
Outreach: Joane Titus