American Indian Program & Akwe:kon at Cornell University

Established in 1983, the American Indian Program (AIP)
provides academic, social and cultural opportunities to students, and supports local Native American communities through our outreach/extension initiatives.

We facilitate students' academic success, resulting in one of the highest rates of Native student retention in the country. Our diverse course offerings examine American
Indian/Indigenous Peoples' issues and can lead to an Undergraduate or Graduate Minor in American Indian Studies (AIS). We offer AIP-affiliated students space to network with one another or work quietly in our lounges, which are complete with computer terminals, wireless
access and printing capabilities.

At Cornell we are considered Native students' "home away from home."

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Akwe:kon (pronounced "a-gway'-gohn"), AIP's Residential Program House, is the first university residence of its kind in the country purposely built to celebrate Native heritage. It is a popular on-campus housing option that provides a key gathering place for in-house residents, out-of-house members, and the larger AIP community.

In the Mohawk language Akwe:kon means "all of us." The spirit of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) word is reflected in the includiveness that Akwe:kon offers to its residents and the community.

Students from all backgrounds live in the house and can participate in a range of activities that reflect the philosophies and heritage of many Native cultures and emphasize Native values, ideas and traditions. Roughly half of Akwe:kon's residents are of Native heritage, the other half being from a diverse mix of cultures and backgrounds.

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