AML Leukemia Survivors

Come join us in the Fight to find a Cure for Leukemia!! Please share your personal stories & experiences dealing with Leukemia as a patient or as a care giver. Sharing your personal stories will help others understand more about what Leukemia is and what happens to the whole family unit when a loved one is diagnosed with this cancer.

Post about any upcoming events to help in the Fight for a Cure of all Leukemias!

Also use the forum as a support system for yourself, a loved one, a friend, etc.

All I ask is that everyone be respectful and considerate to all who are a part of the group as Leukemia (and all other cancers) is a very sensitive subject. Please be aware that there are Group Guidelines which are pinned to the top of our home page. Please read and familiarize yourself with these Guidelines. Thank you!