Antigua & Barbuda Recipe Club (Post recipe or pics of your favorite dish)

Have you emigrated from Antigua/Barbuda & just cannot seem to remember how to make some of the delicious traditional dishes you grew up on in Wadadli? I was guilty of the above statement and grew tired of constantly calling my mom and other family members asking questions such as: "how do I make this particular dish? Or what are the ingredients in such & such a dish?" etc. This is how my vision for the Antigua & Barbuda Recipe Club came about. I knew there had to be many others like myself somewhere out there in the world who was also not quite sure of how to prepare some of the islands traditional dishes. Therefore I created the Antigua & Barbuda Recipe Club so that its members located in various parts of the world could come together and exchange recipes from our twin island country.

•»If you wish to add a recipe to the group, kindly do so using the "create DOC" feature located under the File menu tab at the top of the group wall. Please use the name of the dish as the heading or title. If you’d appreciate seeing a specific recipe in the club or decided to try one out, please be courteous & click "LIKE" under that recipe or leave a comment (so the person who added it will know someone appreciates that recipe).

•»If you are looking for a specifica specific Antiguan/Barbudan recipe & cannot find it in the DOC section (located in the files section) please post your request on the group wall & hopefully someone who has that recipe and can assist.

•»I would like to encourage you to upload images of dishes either you or someone you know have prepared. This is a club where you can boast about the dishes you have created without fear of being ridiculed. We want to see the Antiguan style dishes you have created (come on don't be shy, we won't bite). If you try a recipe from the club, it would be nice if you could share a photo with us of the results (unless you are ashamed of your creation :o)

I will not tolerate anyone who chooses to make a mockery of members' dishes and contributions in the group. Any such occurrence will result in either a courtesy warning or automatic deletion from the group. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all (keep it moving).

Please invite your Antiguan/Barbudan friends to join. People from other nations who are interested in learning how to prepare our traditional dishes are welcome with open arms as well.

Ever so often, I will post questions for members to vote on their favorite choice. I would be grateful if you could take 1-minute out of your day to respond to the poll question and vote for your choice. You will find the poll question on the main group wall.

This is a group for sharing and exchanging recipes of Antigua & Barbuda. If you are going to try to get free publicity by advertising in the group, please be so gracious as to give back in the form of PARTICIPATION. You can join in on group discussions, comment or like a food image a member contributed, add photos of dishes you make, perhaps sharing a recipe or two, etc (there are numerous ways to contribute to the intended purpose of the group). If this behavior continues, any such publicity post will be deleted.

Kindly note going forward any links posted to a food blog that is "not" accompanied by a recipe Doc file will be deleted. If you would like to share your recipes, please be so kind as to add it on a DOC file in the group. You are more than welcome to include the link to your blog at the bottom of the DOC file. Any standalone links will be removed.

I would greatly appreciate it if members would refrain from using the "album" feature when uploading one or two photos to the group. I would prefer if you uploaded one or two images as "individual photos" as opposed to an "album". I would like the album feature to be used when uploading demonstration photos or multiple photos that are somehow related to each other. If there is a "pre-set date" at the top of your photo, it is likely that you uploaded the image as an "album" as opposed to a single photo. Going forward, albums containing one or very few photos that are not related to each other will be deleted. If you are uncertain how to upload photos to the group, please ask and I would be happy to provide instructions.

•»I do realize some individuals do not like rules, structure or regulation so if you are one of many who feel this way, this group may not be the right fit for you. If you click the icon to the left of the magnifying glass icon, there you will find the leave group option if you no longer wish to be a member.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Thanks for becoming a member & WELCOME to the Antigua & Barbuda Recipe Club. ¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•✫
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Revised 6/1/2012