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Welcome to Australian PC Gamers and Enthusiasts. A place to shar...e your stories of PC gaming, and building. Please be sure to read the rules and the rest of the description. It contains useful info.

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OTT stands for Off Topic Tuesday. This is every tuesday, where you can post off topic content. Normal rules must be followed. (Religious, and political topics are banned)

Please come to admins first before advertising your page/giveaway/youtube channel etc.

Treat everybody with respect and kindness. Fighting on posts will not be tolerated.

Help questions are allowed. But please be sure to check google before asking.

Talking about torrents is ok. Any ILLICIT content is NOT ok. You will be banned.

No mention of illegal activities, more for your sake than ours, there is a chance there is a cop in here.

Buying and/or selling is forbidden here. Buying and selling products can be done over at Buy/Sell/Swap PC Parts. Found in this link:

The page is not just limited to PC Gaming. Retro consoles, quadcopters, phones and most other tech items are allowed. Contact an admin if you're unsure.

Please keep swearing to a minimum.

Comments making fun of disabilities/illness such as Autism, Mobility issues, Down Syndrome, Cancer and others is STRICTLY forbidden. You will be banned on sight.

Do not block admins. If you are found to have blocked an admin, you will likely get banned or kicked.

Posts related to speedtests must have a constructive reason. No "look how fast my internet is" posts

No discussion of Multiplayer hacks, glitches or exploits. (Singleplayer is okay!)

For those who know. There is to be no mention of "Daniel Woods" It starts unnecessary fights, Thanks for understanding

No spoilers please!

No referral links! G2A especially.

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It is at admin discretion to remove a post, kick/ban user if we consider it inappropriate. Please do not repost about why you were banned. Please message the admin communication page