Australian Political Revolution

This is a group to organise people for an Australian political revolution. The peaceful kind, without any bloodshed. The kind of revolution that's only possible now with the existence of the internet.

Does the current system adequately serve the people of Australia? Some people think it's the lobbyists who run the country... What other options are there? Can we create another system that doesn't currently exist in the world?

So, it's for people who think the current political system needs to change. It would be particularly useful if we have members in the group who study political science or something related, so that we can have sensible debates and discussions in order to drive real actions. We don't need emotional passionate movements like those in the past when people are driven to action by desperation and crazy mob-behaviour resulting in bloodshed. We also don't need to be misinformed.

The more people who join this group and are willing to do something about the cause, the more power we will have in terms of attention from the media as well as political influence to drive change. So the first order of business is to invite or add as many of your friends as possible to this group so we can GET THE REVOLUTION STARTED. Let's see how many people actually want to do something to change things rather than just bitch about it...