Asperger's Syndrome New Zealand

Asperger's Syndrome New Zealand Âû, [also known as Autistic Spectrum New Zealand Âû] operates this Facebook Group for positive New Zealanders on the Autism Spectrum, and for the family/whanau, supporters, and professionals active in their lives.

Autie/Aspie and related folk from around the world are also welcome to join in sharing and discussing information about any pertinent aspect of Autism/Asperger's in a friendly positive helpful sort of way, so long as they are aware that much of what is touched on here may be country specific.

--->Please treat other members with the respect you wish to be shown also<---

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Conveners: John & Luke Greally
Physical Address: Unit 1/4 Moeraki Rd, Maoribank, Upper Hutt 5018, New Zealand
Telephone: +64 4 970-7703
Mobile: +64 27 345-1435
Skype: johngreally
Twitter: @johngreally

Member/Supporter-base at 1 October 2012:
881 (email+mail+Facebook (11 presences)+website+Google+)