Adelaide University Dental Students' Society - AUDSS

- Requests to be a member of the AUDSS Facebook group is granted based on student status in 2015.

- The Dental Social Network (Adelaide dental alumni group) can be found at


The Adelaide University Dental Students Society (AUDSS) was founded in 1919 to represent and protect the interests of students studying Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) at the University of Adelaide. The AUDSS remains as the sole organisation in South Australia that represents dental students, and more recently Bachelor of Oral Health (BOH) students.

President: Julia Bradshaw
Vice-President: Mustafa Ahmed
Secretary: Petronilla Grace
Finance Executive Officer (Treasurer): Anthony Phan

Partnerships Executive Officer (Sponsorship): Jessica Kuk
Partnerships General Committee: Sarah Eliassen, Alexander Khominsky

Community Aid Executive Officer: Denise Hsueh Community Aid General Committee: George Chen
Insight Dental Rep: Ramya Avvari
AURHA Dental Rep: Vineel Chunduru

Events Executive Officers: Abirami Parameswaran, Laura Asenstorfer
Events General Committee: Alexandra Mitchell, Daniel McKenzie, Danielle Huynh, Shamalka De Silva, Lisa-Marie Martin, Matthew Bodo

IT Executive Officer: Edward Vuong

Marketing Executive Officer: Emma Chin
Marketing General Committee: Terence Cheong

Publications Executive Officer: Mark Low
Publications General Committee: Rose Allen

Student Affairs Executive Officer: Austin Yoo
Student Affairs General Committee: Vincent Tran, Christine Chan

ADSA Liaison Officer: Aleisha Bassett

Immediate Past President: Lasni Kumarasinghe

BOH Liaison Officer: Shanti Toh

BDS I Committee Member: TBA
BOH I Committee Member: TBA