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Are you sick of getting only likes on your post and no genuine s...uggestions??

Are you tired of seeing same lame spam post always??

Do you seek info and help but don't want to trust whatever an agent says?

Do you need info regarding after visa process and need to find room/job and friends??

We are a closed group with experienced members and admins so fake info is never an issue here. We have people here who are already in the Commonwealth of Australia and are readily available to help and provide info. Comment your query and we will answer asap.

Our motto: Help Me = Help You = Help All

Australian Visa for those who truly deserve!!!

- Help people having issues regarding Australian colleges, uni, visa, life, work etc in Australia.
- Everyone can share their view and can help each other in any possible way.
- Info about any jobs, accommodation and any rule changes inside Australia by the people who are already in Australia.
- Provide information and answer as far as you know.

Terms and Conditions:
Being a member of the group, you accept that you will follow below mentioned conditions:

- Don’t harass anyone and/or post offensive matter.
- Don't post or click on spam related post.
- Don’t post any critical matter unless you are sure of it being 100% accurate and came from reliable source. Do not forget to mention the source as well.
- Don’t threaten, use slang and use offensive words.
- Think twice before posting controversial issues.

Failing to perform as per terms and conditions will result in automatic temporary banishment from the group. The member can return back if he/she is liable of his/her wrong doings and apologize to the whole group promising never to repeat such activities. If the member is banned due to mistake of any of the admin then we will bring back the member and ask for forgiveness. Any and all controversies will be solved by admin panel after discussion with members. Every member will be given chance to clarify unless the matter is of serious offence.

Member will be notified after being banned for the first offence. Repeated offence will result in permanent banishment, no questions asked and no clarification will be taken into consideration.

Everyone is welcomed. No one is forced to stay.

Cheers Mates !!