AZ Pokemon Go Nests

Welcome to AZ Pokemon Go Nests! We are a group that is dedicated... to tracking the latest spawn locations in AZ.

Latest nest list:
Latest nest map:

The nest list contains all the spawn locations that have been reported. It is updated on a frequent basis.
The map is based on the nestlist and is updated periodically to stay in sync with the list.

Group guidelines:

1. Check the nest list for all the spawn locations. You can post questions regarding details of a reported nest (spawn rate, pokestops, times of day that are best, etc.) but basic questions such as "Where can I find xx pokemon?" will be deleted.
2. To confirm or refute a spawn location, comment on the pinned post ONLY. Screenshots are preferred and carry more weight. Individual posts on this topic are not allowed.
3. No arguing, fighting or excessive vulgar language. These may result in being banned from the group.
4. Blocking an admin, posting SPAM or derogatory posts, and advocating/encouraging illegal activity = BANNED from group.
5. Posting of advertisements is restricted and is subject to admin approval. Message an admin to have your advertisement reviewed.

We greatly appreciate everyone's contributions to our group! These guidelines help keep our page tidy so we can maintain the best list possible.