Abraham HFD Active

Warm welcome to You, fabulous new member !

We, outstanding people, sparkling with positive energy are greeting you whole-heartedly and we are happy to have you here ready to co-create with us.

Read whenever you feel like reading. Before posting make sure you hold at least vibration of hope or higher. In other words, get into the Vortex and then post! Feel free to enjoy our lovely, joyful and fun co-creation!

We are rather well educated about Abraham Teachings, 3 step creation process and Vortex of creation and love to practice "step 4" style of life. The group name expresses the approach.

The group only purpose is to make maintaining steady positive emotions easy and to build even more and more momentum from there on permanent basis. We have no other agenda than sharing and co-creating joyful experiences, have massive fun and play around with ease, grace and happiness.

All members of this group like, comment or post their voice at least once a week.

Note: Cezary Wójcik reads (Cesaree Vooy-cheek) :-)