Abraham Hicks Vortex Group

Guidelines of Use for this group
This group was created to support people who are on a spiritual pathway towards enlightenment and who in particular are interested in Abraham Hicks or Dr David Hawkins teachings. In the
best interest of our subscribers please do not advertise any business, products or services in this Group without permission to the owner of this group. Please do not use abusive language and please do not share the exclusive content provided for this group in any external websites, marketing collateral or public events. The owner of this group owns the files that are uploaded from seminars with the above-mentioned spiritual masters.You are Free to share any content uploaded in the files section, please ask to the Administrator of this group. but you are NOT allow to download any file another member uploaded and make it yours ,if it is reported to the administrator , the members will be banned from the group .
This group is a support group for those who need support during a time in transition. Positive posts are critical to maintain a momentum and the frequency required to attract and create like-mindedness.
Please do not Advertise this group in any other group on Facebook out respect for those Owners & no group is allow to advertise in this one.
if you have created a product or service that you truly believe will benefit this group on their spiritual journey or yourself, please feel free to post without asking for permission. If it is in any way promoting a product or service not related to the content in this group, we have the right to remove you as a member from this group.
Members rights should be respected . please ask the member`s permission to share it .
Last one Just added , No member is allowed to come in the group & ask for personal donations .
Thank you.
Willie Vargas.

Please Watch the Video ,Which Explains the Intention In Details .