Abraham's Tent

Note: the moderators of this group are: Lee Weissman, Syed Faisal Atiq, David Schacht, Gella Solomon-Puertas, Tal Avrahami. and Abdul Sattar

Note: if your security settings prevent the admins from messaging you, we cannot interview you. Also, check your "other" Facebook inbox for a message from the admins regarding your request to join.

There is an ancient Jewish tradition that Abraham (pbuh) had a tent that was open on all four sides to welcome guests. He taught them about the One true G-d in an environment of openness, hospitality and warmth. This group continues the work of creating a place where observant Muslims and Jews can come together to share their common striving to be ethical, G-d conscious servants of G-d, living with mutual respect and appreciation of our commonalities and our differences.

While recognizing that Israel/Palestine is a vital and important issue to both Muslims and Jews, Abraham's Tent moderators will remove any discussion of that issue and you may be asked to leave this forum. Our experience has shown us that such discussions tend to disrupt communication rather than further it. At the same time, we believe that the solutions to those vital issues may well come from the kinds of creative, collaborative relationships we build here.

(see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXHr_AL4l84)

This group maintains the highest possible standards of speech. Jewish and Muslim tradition places a tremendous emphasis on using the power of communication in ways that are kind and respectful. No profanity, hate speech or undue harshness will be tolerated. Comments which violate these standards in any way will be removed and the participant given an opportunity either to remedy the situation or to leave the group.

Please do not post anything about politics, Israel, Palestine, terrorism, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, IDF, etc. etc. It's just not what we're about!

In keeping with the mission of the group, the membership consists of Muslims and Jews who are committed to their faiths and comfortable with religious discussion. If you seek membership and your profile does not clearly indicate that you are Muslim or Jewish, or expresses a hostility to religion in general your request will be denied. Administrators have some discretion in admitting non-Muslim or non-Jewish interfaith activists as they may deem appropriate.