Actors Association of Thailand

The Actors Association of Thailand - Code of Conduct.

This conduct is NOT to limit your freedom of speech but to elevate the Actors Association as a group so that it is professional, and appropriate to such a forum.

On note is that we are not the only people that read our page, we want the outside world to see actor's in Thailand as intelligent, professional and united, not as cowboys fighting, complaining, bickering etc. Regard the board as to what you would say in a business meeting.

Our reputation starts here.

Inappropriate conduct includes but is not limited to postings that:

1. Incite/antagonise arguments

2. Include explicative language

3. Are harassing or attacking in nature to one person or a group

4. Troll the board

Any posting that breaks the Code of Conduct WILL BE REMOVED and their writer warned.

A second offense will result in the offender being removed from the Actors Association FB group.

All members, without exception, will be held to this Code of Conduct, as of this posting.

We hope you understand and support this initiative.


**posts of advertisements that are not directly related to the industry are not only deleted but poster is immediately banned

**extra job posts must be minimum payment of 2000 baht per day or they are deleted

**all job posts must have a clear budget or they are deleted

**self promotion posts have a limit of once every 4 days

**self promotion posts may include one pic only

**unfortunately due to abuse we no longer allow people to promote themselves from out of country, you are free to email all job postings but not allowed self promotion posts unless you are based in Thailand, job posts from outside Thailand are allowed as long as they clearly explain they WILL pay to fly talent from Thailand, otherwise they get deleted.