Adobe Lightroom Usergroup

Welcome to the Adobe Lightroom Usergroup!

Whether you're a Lightroom expert, a beginner, or haven't yet decided whether or not you're going to actually purchase it, you've come to the right place. Ask questions, share your knowledge, admire the submitted photos and post your own!

Some general guidelines -

- Photo submissions are welcome and encouraged. Show off your Lightroom skills and share your techniques.
- Submissions of photos copyrighted by anyone other than yourself are prohibited.
- Keep it clean; submitted photos, posts, and comments should be able to be viewed by all ages.
- Posting of software serial numbers, illegal software download sites, referral links, affiliate links, "personal gain" advertising, or anything similar is prohibited.
- This is not a place for "like my page" posts. It's about learning and sharing info about Adobe Lightroom.
- Have fun!

Adobe Lightroom

From Wikipedia: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a photography software program developed by Adobe Systems for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, designed to assist Adobe Photoshop users in managing large quantities of digital images and doing post production work. It is not a file browser like Adobe Bridge, but rather an image management application database which helps in viewing, editing, and managing digital photos, the same way photographers used to do in the non-digital world.