An online community of bona fide Donsolanos that aims at helping... its hometown achieves holistic development through the improvement of the social, economic, environmental and political aspects of the community, as a whole. Also, it is an avenue for the members to share and discuss their thoughts and ideas, meet new friends and organize activities, especially those that could help improve the sustainable development of the community.


AkoMismo Donsolano! Rules & Regulations

0. "Think before you click!"

1. Everyone is encouraged to share and discuss his/her thoughts and ideas. Better, if these ideas have something to do with the improvement of our hometown, Donsol.

2. Postings and comments should be void of vulgar, offensive and/or profane words. They should be intellectually relevant to the topic of discussion.

3. Respect to each member should be maintained at all time. Everyone is in the same level. There should be no discrimination of any kind.

4. In case of breach of the rule or offense upon any member, please reconcile immediately as possible. The administrators may be asked to conciliate conflicting parties.

5. The admin reserves the right to remove any offensive, profane, vulgar or discriminatory statements posted in the group.

6. Any member may be removed and/or disqualified temporarily or perpetually from re-admission in this Group, for cause and after due process, only by the concurrence of at least a majority (1/2 + 1) vote of the Board.

7. The Board or Administrator/s may also be suspended or removed from Office if he has acted in bad faith or with grave abuse of discretion amounting to lack or excess of jurisdiction.

It is not intended to threaten anyone or to discourage us to participate in the discussion, its main purpose is merely to regulate our conduct.