Buying and Selling - Albany

Albany and surrounds ( Western Australia ), buy it, sell it, loo...king for it, Business posts welcome :) if you can't be bothered to read & abide by the rules you will be removed without hesitation :)

Your Admins are; Gayle-Marie Abela, Melissa Gravestock, Alison Scorza & Melanie Hayward

Tips for advertising
1. Good clear photo
2. Price
3. Location

Doing a clean out, more than 3 items, make a photo album, make that album public, then link the album to the various buy & sell sites :) your item and price range, no point advertising then getting calls on over priced items and wasting everyones time :)

One bump per day ONLY please, this allows everyone's items equal time at the top of the page.

Happy Posting, if in doubt dont be afraid to ask for help :)