Ally Network at Monash University

This Group seeks to beneficially support the Ally Network at Monash with exceptions; greater student representation, awareness and inclusion; positive, lasting change.

The program itself part of a national agenda involving staff and students within educational institutions across Australia.

An Ally is someone understanding of, and educated about gender and sexually diverse people, the issues they face; affirming their experiences, rights and social inclusion, standing against their discrimination and providing support as necessary.

This Group provides a safe place for LGBTI, straight, queer, questioning, asexual AND Allies to discuss issues relating to gender and sexuality; free from judgement, discrimination or prejudice.

Content may be used to improve training, student service delivery, policy and procedure reform, legacy of positive change and social inclusion.

Resources are located under 'Files' with descriptions available by 'browsing' or 'searching' individual threads. This is a Facebook limitation.

Expressions of interest, questions or concerns regarding the Ally Network should be directed to Ally and current Group Administrator, Renee.

Further information regarding the Ally Network may be found at the Monash address.