Altrincham area Recommendations

This page is for people to request recommendations for anything in the Altrincham area (including Hale, Bowdon and Timperley), be it a restaurant, plumber, petsitter, photographer, cleaner etc.

This page is NOT for business advertising. Any such posts will be deleted without warning.

This is NOT a buy / sell page.

If you recommend your own business you MUST make this clear in your response.

This page is for recommendations only. Please be respectful. If you have a grievance with a particular service provider that someone else has recommended, (a) hopefully you have already taken this up with the service provider and (b) please message the individual privately to let them know your concerns.

If somebody messages you and you aren't Facebook Friends your message is likely to go into an Other folder which can only be seen on a computer and NOT on most phones. Check there for missing messages!

The administrators are not responsible for any posts on this page and WILL NOT GET INVOLVED in any disputes or discussions over services.