American Muslims Group

This group was created with the Muslim community in mind, to pro...mote events, activities, resources, ideas and businesses. Sharing experiences, education topics and promoting activities for us to attend and learn about religion, culture and social behavior. Please feel free to post and share your input or feedback in a positive, beneficial manner. Remember, no more than 2 posts per day.

These are the rules of conduct for the American Muslims Group.
1. Maximum of 1 posts per day.
2. Report to admin, any post or comment that is offensive or slandering.
3. No disrespectful, derogatory,name calling, overly aggressive comments.
4. No Fiqh questions
5. No posting offensive pictures: (dead people, nudity or private pictures).
6. Respect difference of opinion. No proselytizing.
7. Repeat offenders will be removed.
8. Do not ask for financial assistance or donation unless you are a 501c3 organization.
9. No Halal vs Zabiha meat discussion.
10. All post must be in English or accompanied with full translation.
11. Businesses may advertise, if they provide services throughout the US. No local ads to a specific city is permitted.
Please contact one of the administrator if there is an exception you would like to be considered.
JazakAllah ul khair for being a part of the American Muslims Group, please invite your friends and family to join. Remember only those living in the United States.