American Patriots For A United Republic

Welcome fellow American Patriots! This is American Patriots For A United Republic founded by Americas Patriots which is just an alias for me to work under for now. I know some of you who were loyal members in a previous group I founded. I will make sure to lead you all to all the right avenues and info as I get it. As the Founder I will be working with other groups as well. We must Unite to survive and I will do my best to do so.

Mission Statement

This Group is here to help inform and educate those in need of it. As a group we will grow from city to city, state to state, and coast to coast. Not everyone has woke up yet to the real truth of what's happening to our beloved country. We as a group need to stay informed, educate & be educated on all things, and lastly we can debate issues as long as there is no drama! People can agree to disagree but if it ever crosses the line you will be dealt with!

Rules--- Zero Tolerance
1. No personal attacks. It will end in automatic removal period!
2. Trolling/Spying will not be tolerated. You do any kind of disrupting you will be warned then removed the next time!
3. Debating is fine as long as you can do it without the infighting. Agree to Disagree!
4. Please respect your fellow members by keeping conversations/debating/educating
respectable. No racism, demeaning of women, no gay bashing, etc.
5. Remember we are all in this together conservatives and liberals all alike! Your here for the Cause!

We are here to Unite all like minded groups and ppl. This way we will become a powerful force to work together from all over. Be willing to inform and educate members who may have just joined. Ppl are waking up slowly to a horrible realization that an end is near. All I ask is that we do our part to spread the word across FB, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and the Internet forums. Invite only those who share a like mind and is here to help us make change in our country. This Group is for you not just me but you my fellow American Patriots! Thank you for joining and let's Unite!