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The Amazon Seller is the real deal when it comes to an Amazon support group. We exist to help each other selling on Amazon. Our members are full-time pro-sellers, are experienced sellers who still have a 9-5 boss and are newbies starting their journey (or considering it).

We provide real advice from experienced sellers happy to pay it forward. We’re frank and straightforward, a spade is a spade, conspiracy theories surrounding what Amazon is up to entertain us, we entertain each other, we have some fun – proudly the most fun Amazon Facebook group you will find!

We use this forum to discuss our Amazon journey, the highs, the lows, to share our knowledge and to motivate each other to new highs. We try to help each other all the time, we were all newbies once so we give back and test our knowledge as we go.

We sell internationally. We live anywhere in the world. We create our lifestyle, our working hours and we enjoy living life to the full.

We run meetup groups that regularly meet in London, UK. Los Angeles & San Diego in the USA. At each meeting, together with our sponsors, we share all things Amazon face to face over some drinks and snacks. Here are the links to join us:

UK Meetups (1400+ members) - The largest Amazon Meetup group in the world!

USA Meetups (750+ members)
Los Angeles:
San Diego:

We also run live webinars archived to our youtube channel:

and here's our website:

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