Anchorage Subaru Car Club

Welcome to the Anchorage Subaru Club's Page!

We are a new Subaru Club in the Anchorage area! We update events and invite members to them as we go. We welcome all Subaru owners regardless of the year/model you have.We are non-profit and do not charge dues or fees for membership. Members share a common passion, Subaru's. Even better is a goal to strive to use our club as a means to benefit any charities we can and to better our community still while having fun and sharing our passion at the same time. Good friends and being there to help one another in a time of need.

We are now proudly sponsored by Element Automotive! By being a member of the Anchorage Subaru Car club you are entitled to 25% of labor and discounts vary on parts.Paul Carter or Taylor or Element Automotive are active on the page and can answer any questions you may have. If you wish to order or set up a time to purchase and/or have some work done to your vehicle be sure to contact them via their website:, phone: (907) 222-1555, or feel free to stop by their shop located at 575 Ingra St, Anchorage, AK 99501. Club decals can be purchased here as well.

Also, we have a commercial account with AutoZone that greatly reduces prices of OEM hard parts (i.e CV Axles, Brakes pads, etc) and other purchases. Be sure to read the pinned post to get the commercial account pin number which can be used at any AutoZone world wide.

We do now enforce some rules for the well being the group and violations of these rules can result in temporary or permanent ban from the club. '
1. No driving when inebriated, whether it be alchol, drug (prescription or illegal narcotics).
2. Anchorage Subaru Car Club does not condone street racing.
3. Any driving actions that are reckless in nature that endangers the public or property will result in an immediate ban.
4. This is a page for Car enthusiasts, not for gossiping about the personal lives of other members.
5. When at meets you are expected to behave like an adult. No racing or burnouts in the parking lots,excessive revving of engines, drinking or drug use, and clean up after yourself. DO NOT leave litter in public places, especially at formal gatherings or functions. Failure to follow theses rules will be met with immediate and swift action.
6. Anything that can bring discredit and a negative image to the club can and most like will be met with punitive actions. Severity of the infraction determines the severity of the punitive actions taken against the member

Meet your team of Admins:

John Gustafson- President/Admin/Member. Only owner of the world renowned Police Interceptor WRX

Keith J Gorham- Vice President/

Jennifer Knight- Moderator and bearer of the dreaded banned hammer
Josh Cuerdo- Organizer/Advice Giver/Admin.
ITeeCea Garfield- Race Organizer/Admin.
Zack White- Merchandise, Media and all things artistic.