Angel Star Ascension Collective

Angel Star Ascension Collective endeavors to assist in the guida...nce of Humanity into the center of the Sacred Heart Space. We are here to Awaken, Activate, and Ascend.

║╚╣║║║║╩╣ Love is All ... There is.

Greetings heart emoticon Welcome to the Realms of Love and Light heart emoticon

We are Love. We are sending waves of wondrous energy to you Now.

The Angelic Realms are here to assist all of Humanity with Light and Love.

Within the Family of Light, we are in the process of re-uniting all in the warm embrace of joy and happiness.

The Gateway for deeper understanding and knowledge of the inner self lies within the Sacred Heart.

In embracing all of Humanity in Unity Consciousness, there is no "Target" audience, there is only "ONE" audience of Love and Light.

No-One is left behind or held at bay. Our arms are open to embrace all who are receptive to Divinity. grin emoticon heart emoticon

Truth in Love and Integrity is the only way to communicate. We do not deviate. We welcome any and all questions no matter what form they arrive in. We are here to release all discord and negative energy by infusing positive flows of love and light for all the globe.

Mission Statement:

We are here to serve with love and light as our primary tools in all our divisions to ensure that no soul is left behind in the ascension process. Our collective is a compilation of Creative Artists, Starseeds, Angels, and Ascended Masters that work on creating for the New Earth as we expand more into the 5th Dimension.

We endeavor to reach as many souls as possible through various avenues which include music, radio, publishing, media, angelic guidance, seminars, concerts and merchandising.

Share all Ascension News as we work towards a goal of achieving higher states of consciousness with a flow of Unity and Massive Waves of Love.