Animal Rescue Gazette - News & Events for WNY Animal Lovers

~~~ ABOUT US ~~~
Welcome....sit and stay a while! Pet lovers, volunteers and various animal welfare organizations come together here, all in one place, to share important news and needs of their favorite WNY shelter or rescue. We promote the fun and easy ways everyone can help rescues in their community!

Pet lovers will find helpful information on pet care, animal health news and behavior tips, plus links to many educational and problem solving resources. Everyone is encouraged to contribute, comment and most of all share! Think of this group as your Up State NY animal community newspaper.

~~~ Posting Guidelines ~~~
Our primary focus is to support Up State and WNY NY rescues that care for domestic animals or wild life, by posting fundraising events, wish lists, need for volunteers and more. Share helpful info for pet owners concerning any pet food/supply recalls, medical news and alerts, training and behavior tips, and of course anything fun or heartwarming!

Is there a business you would like to thank for supporting your favorite rescue? Let us know so we can show our support by patronizing that business!

*** PLEASE NOTE *** Requests for donations or links to websites that fund groups or individuals, are NOT allowed without approval from an administrator. Any posts that do not relate to the group's focus will be removed. We try to protect all members from fraudulent requests and various unrelated topics that may belong in groups specifically created to focus on those interests.

~~~ Graphic pictures and topics ~~~ When posting, please understand, our diverse membership includes teens, young adults, average pet owners along with experienced animal right advocates. Not everyone is ready to dive right into the most tragic aspects of all types of animal cruelty at this stage in their lives. Please refrain from posting graphic photographs! Especially those with warnings or topics unrelated to the domestic animals we primarily focus on. Sharing a link to a group or petition site (without graphic image as the link) is a subtle way to introduce people to more intense animal welfare topics and missions ;).

~~~ Be Courteous ~~~ Animal lovers are very passionate people with differences of opinions. Emotions can run high. Sarcasm towards group members is unacceptable. To be fair, please contact me privately regarding serious concerns with rescues or other members in this group, and not on the wall. Obviously, too many complaints would signal cause for concern and will be addressed accordingly. I am asking for everyone to help monitor and remind each other that offensive, profane, intentionally insensitive remarks, personal attacks or commercialism will not be tolerated. Please notify me vie PM or view Facebook’s steps from the HELP section on how to delete and report inappropriate comments.

Remember....YOU are that someone who can do something! Thanks folks!