Anime Studio Pros - Beginners

Welcome to the Group 'Anime Studio Pros', created by McCoy Buck.... We are here to support people learning the Anime Studio Pro animation program.

Group Rules: Do not spam, promote unrelated content, solicit subscribers. Doing so and you will be given a warning and then banned. Asking for cracks or serial numbers is a zero-tolerance offense that will get you blocked immediately.

Are you new to Anime Studio and hoping to find a community that is at your level and wants to help you, answer questions, provide feedback to your progress?

The group is aimed to the complete beginners of Anime Studio. Feel free to share anything, progress, tips, tricks to help your fellow group members! It is vital that each of the members in this group help and answer one another questions and support/encourage one another to help this group thrive!

"The expert at anything was once a beginner"

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