Edison High School Antique Eagles

Graduates and teachers from the early days(60's,70's) at T.A. Edison HS in Alexandria, VA

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This group was created to give the Edison High School teachers and alumni from the 60's and 70's a place to share information and reminisce about a time when most of us were scratching and clawing our way into adulthood. Information provided here is only as accurate as it's source(teachers and classmates). Be aware that we're all not old but 'experienced' and details might be a might sketchy at best.

Commercial advertisements are not allowed and will be deleted. Please keep your posts clean and we'd appreciate it if you'd avoid the topics of religion or politics. Please do not speak ill of the dead.

Any post which the group admins find offensive, rude or otherwise unsuitable will be deleted and the poster's posting privileges revoked. Those who repeatedly post advertising will have their posting privileges revoked as well.

If you did not attend Edison High School on Franconia Road in Alexandria, VA then this is not the group for you. If you did, then please pass the word about this group to all of the classmates that you remain in contact with. As more and more of our classmates find this group, the more and more there are to reconnect with.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.

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