Appleton, WI Buy-Sell-Trade

Appleton, WI Selling, Buying and Trading! POST PRICE AND LOCATION IN YOUR DESCRIPTION or WILL BE DELETED. We are a DRAMA free site! Please be fair! First interested comment gets first dibs. We are NOT a auction site! Please delete your post when sold. Only BUMP your post once a day! PLEASE DO NOT PLACE PRIVATE INFO ON PAGE! Private message buyer or seller for address or meeting place.Once your item/items are sold please delete your post. If you can't delete it yourself let April Jo Neuman,Jennifer Velez, Tara Hillegas Blohowiak, Kay Quella, or Ken Neuman know. If you have a no show please let one of us know. We do not allow no shows! One no show and you will be deleted from the group! Post your item one time only! If you post multiple times of single post all post will be deleted. Also post price of item in description and location or will be deleted. Also we do NOT allow reselling of any item for more then what you bought it for. We WILL FIND OUT! If you are caught you will deleted from site with no warning! Thank you. HAVE FUN SELLING AND BUYING!!!!