Arbroath against Legal High Drugs

Please add yourself to this group to show your support for being against Legal high drugs in Arbroath. We aim to write a letter to every MSP asking what the Scottish government is proposing to do about the legislation and licences of the shops who sell them.

If we have plenty of group members this will add weight to our argument, and assist us in our goal in changing legislation and protecting our community from the perils of these substances.

MSP Alex Johnson has joined us in a discussion about these drugs and what can be done to take them out of shops where they are being sold legally under the disguise of incence and bath salts etc . He plans to take our questions to the chambers. In the meantime we aim to keep raising awareness in our community, taking those concerns to every MSP and pushing for change as soon as possible. Please support us!

**NOTE: Initially this group was raised to get the opinions and concerns from the people in Arbroath, due to an overwhelming amount of discussion and comments we have achieved that aim. The group page is now used for information and updates on progress, and for group numbers to grow as an online petition. Any comments posted are subject to admin approval before appearing on the page.