ArtAid Malaysia

ArtAID Malaysia is a subgroup of the ArtAID International alliance. It comprisies artists ( painters , singers, writers, actors , photographers , sculptors , poets , artisans , designers and all other ) schools , universities, museums , galleries , theaters, art hotels , art patrons, and art lovers from around the world .

We are looking for members from all countries who want to be actively involved and want to support and expand the ArtAID .

The objectives of ArtAID International are :
- Establishment of an international network
- Artists (images, photos, paintings , songs , songs, poems , etc. ) in promoting their works to help
- To help in distress artists
- Actions we , "World Day for ArtAID ", etc. to plan and perform the "Art for Freedom" exhibitions, seminars , webinars
- To contribute to international understanding and global peace and to make a stand against racism
To support active animal and nature conservation -
- Carry out regular members meeting in various cities / countries

One of the projects and actions include :
- Stone for Freedom
- Tour for Freedom
- Art for Freedom
- Artists helping artists
- An image for animals
- World Day for Petaid on 09/13/2014
- World Day for ArtAID on 04/04/2015
- ArtAID Award